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«Description et Analyse des Problèmes de l’expression orale chez les apprenants du français à l’université du Soudan»

Show simple item record HASSAN, Kholood Supervisor , Bachir Bachir MOHAMED supervisor- BachiBachir MOHAMED 2014-06-18T08:19:57Z 2011-03-01
dc.identifier.citation MOHAMED , Kholood HASSAN . «Description et Analyse des Problèmes de l’expression orale chez les apprenants du français à l’université du Soudan» / Kholood HASSAN ; Bachir Bachir MOHAMED ._khartoum : Sudan University of Science and Technology , Languge , 2011 ._65p. : ill . ;28cm ._M.Sc. en_US
dc.description thèse en_US
dc.description.abstract The title of this study is “the problem of oral communication facing the students of 3rd year the French department at the collage of language”. These students who are on their 3rd year of studying French language as a first specializing or main study, but they are facing difficulties when they are making a communication between them or with guidance “the teacher”. Our main reason to work on this subject is to find answers of several questions which lead us at the end to solve the problems. Our objective is to describe and analysis the problems that create the lack level of the oral communication, to find out or discover the reasons and the causes of these problems and to try to identify the elements that facilitate the progress/growth of the communicative competence. To accomplish this work, we have choose a descriptive analytical methodology we talk firstly about the status of French language in Sudan and the situation of languages in Sudan as a country to accomplish this work, we have prepare. And make hypotheses which can lead us to very well describe the situation and reach an answer at the end. To achieve the main goal of this study we applied a descriptive and analytical methodology that help us in giving full information about the students environment during their study from the first year till the 3rd year. Which we focus particularly in the method of study “the book activities” we took in account of this study several questions via which we tried to verify our hypothesis. The first issue we tried to present is to give a full description about the situation of languages in Sudan. The status of French language in Sudan, the Sudanese universities and in Sudan University particularly presenting the number of hours and the lectures title. We talked about the communicative approach, the main objective of the method of study “the method consignee”. We have present the method objectives and the goals which it’s make for and the aims which is want to achieve. After that we a full description of the book concerning all it’s aspects, contents, grammar and its interests during the first and the second year of study. At the end we account all the activities and exercises presented in the first and second book of study showing the purpose of each exercise and its aim than want to achieve. The results we reached show us that all our hypotheses were true and correct. The study we made clarify and verify that the number of hours proposing for teaching the communicative competence (oral expression, communication, communicative interaction, seminar... etc) were not enough to achieve their objectives. The objectives and goals of the communicative approach or method is to give the students a communicative competence which the book of study (le Nouveau Sans Frontières) fail to achieve and lead at the end to have a lack communicative competence comparing with writing competence. These results confirm our hypothesis which state that the problems of the oral communication of the student of third year in French department are relating to the book of study (Nouveau Sans Frontières), to the insufficient number of hours of study and the activities proposed in room of study and out of it. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Université Du Soudan Des Sciences et DE LA Technologie en_US
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dc.publisher Sudan University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.subject Description et Analyse - l’expression orale chez en_US
dc.title «Description et Analyse des Problèmes de l’expression orale chez les apprenants du français à l’université du Soudan» en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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