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Blending Process of Rawat Crude andNile Blend in Elobied Refinery

Show simple item record Almardi, Arfa Albasher Mohamed Noor, Hadia Mohamed, Mohamed Salman Taha, Mohamed Yassin 2019-01-05T10:46:08Z 2019-01-05T10:46:08Z 2018-10-01
dc.identifier.citation Almardi,Arfa Albasher .Blending Process of Rawat Crude andNile Blend in Elobied Refinery/Arfa Albasher Almardi…etc;Nehad Omer Hassan.- Khartoum:sudan university of science and technology,College of Petroleum Engineering & Technology, 2018.- 44p: ill; 28cm.- Bachelor. en_US
dc.description Bachelor Research en_US
dc.description.abstract The objective of this study is to define the optimum ratio of Rawat to Nile Blend feed stream to Elobied refinery.Rawat crude hasrecently been discovered in Sudan, but has a high pour point and wax content, that’s why we blend it with Nile blend to overcome these short comings.The project studies the advantage ofblending Rawat crude with the main crude that is fed to Elobiedrefinery (NileBlend crude) by using different ratios to obtain a blend that can be distilled in distillation column of Elobied refinery.This has been done by using Aspen HYSYS simulator. It is simulated by entering Nile Blend and Rawat Crude with different ratios (40/60), (50/50) and (70/30). The results showed thatas the ratio of Rawat crude to Nile Blend is increased in the feed crude, the percentage of residue in the bottom of thedistillation column increases. The key words: Rawat, blending, Nile Blend,distillation,simulation, Aspen HYSYS. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Sudan university of science & technology en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher sudan university of science & technology en_US
dc.subject Blending Process en_US
dc.subject Rawat Crude and Nile Blend en_US
dc.title Blending Process of Rawat Crude andNile Blend in Elobied Refinery en_US
dc.title.alternative عملية خلط خام الراوات مع خام مزيج النيل في مصفاة الأبيض en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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