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Computer program for heater Treater parameters optimization

Show simple item record Hassan, Abuzar Alsiddig Balla, Ismaeel Alawad Mohammed Mohammed, Razan Hassan Alhassan, Omer Musa Ahmed Supervisor, -Sami Mohamed Alamin Farah 2017-12-04T08:28:02Z 2017-12-04T08:28:02Z 2017-10-03
dc.identifier.citation Hassan, Abuzar Alsiddig . Computer program for heater Treater parameters optimization \ Abuzar Alsiddig Hassan , Ismaeel Alawad Mohammed Balla ...{etal} ; Sami Mohamed Alamin Farah .- khartoum: Sudan University of Science & Technology, College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology, 2017.- 55 P:ill; 28cm.-Bachelors search en_US
dc.description Bachelor Research en_US
dc.description.abstract Emulsion refers to mixture of two or more immiscible liquids. For an emulsion to form the component should be immiscible with each other. Various equipment's are available in oil and gas industry. Heater treaters are predominantly used and it provides heat to break the emulsion. There are two types of heater treater, vertical and horizontal. In this study an attempt has been made to build a computer program that gives accurate results for heater treater sizing. To size the heater treater, three equations are used, settling equation, retention time equation, and heat required equation.At the end of this study, optimum diameter, effective length, optimum height of heater treater, and heat requiredto break emulsion has been provided. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Sudan University of Science & Technology en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Sudan University of Science and Technology en_US
dc.subject Petroleum Engineering and Technology en_US
dc.subject Computer program en_US
dc.subject heater Treater parameters optimization en_US
dc.title Computer program for heater Treater parameters optimization en_US
dc.title.alternative برنامج حاسوبي لتحديد المعاملات الأمثل للمعالج الحراري en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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