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It should be understood that all materials published by Sudan University of Science and Technology “SUST” on its website or Institutional Digital Repository are intended for scientific research and to support researchers.

Therefore it is strictly prohibited to reprint any material from master’s, doctoral theses or books published on its website without first obtaining written permission from “SUST”.

Any unauthorized reprinting of material or any portion of it gives “SUST” the authority to prosecute any person found in violation of this provision.

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  • آدم, حاجة عبد الله; الأمين, رشا فتح الرحمن; عبد الواحد, نمارق فيصل (جامعة السودان للعلوم والتكنولوجيا, 2020-03-09)
    في هذا البحث سيتم شرح تقنية نقل الصوت عبر ميثاق الشبكة تعريفها وكيفية عملها وأنواعها وما هي المعدات اللازمة لعمل التقنية مع شرح لمزايا التقنية وعيوبها والتحديات التي واجهتها التقنية مع أخذ بعض من التطبيقات العملية لنرى كيف ...
  • Omer, Ashgan Mohamed; Supervisor, - Alnazier O. Hamza (Sudan University of Science and Technology, 2019-02-10)
    The early detection of breast cancer is of the outmost importance in order to increase survival rates. Mammography is considered as an effective tool to detect breast cancer, but due to the complexity of breast tissue ...
  • Alsunni, Faiz Mohtadi Amin; Supervisor, - Salma Yahia Mohamed Mahmoud (Sudan University of Science and Technology, 2019-12-10)
    Projects need to be performed and delivered under certain constraints. Traditionally, these constraints are scope, time and cost. The Scope Control process influences at the factors that lead to project scope changes and ...
  • Farah, Asmaa Mohammed Ahmed; Supervisor, - Eltahir Abu Elgassim Mohammed (Sudan University of Science and Technology, 2020-01-10)
    In the period between 2016-2019 and the problem of searching for roads lies in the cost and time of projects in the construction experience in Sudan from exceeding the time specified in the contract between the owner and ...
  • عثمان, صباح حسن; مشرف, -عبد المولى موسى محمد (جامعة السودان للعلوم والتكنولوجيا, 2019-09-19)
    هدفت الدراسة والتي جاءت بعنوان (إدارة المؤسسات الإعلامية وانعكاساتها على إنتاج الرسالة التلفزيونية) واخذت بالتطبيق على تلفزيون السودان في العام (2017 ــ 2019م) وللتعرف على طبيعة عمل إدارة تلفزيون السودان في تنفيذ العمليات ...

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